Celebrating 45 Years in Business!

Colorado’s Arlin Fatland has what you might call a wicked sense of humor.As proprietor of Denver’s 2Wheelers Motorcycle Shop, Fatland once offered his female customers “free installation” on underwear orders.

His choppers have always revealed a playful, almost childlike sense of fun. He once designed and entire custom Harley-Davidson Softail to match a set of snakeskin cowboy boots he’d purchased , and it’s not unusual to see wacky details like the bulging eyes from the old Moon auto parts ad painted on the tanks and fenders of one of Fatland’s choppers.

Through the accessory department at 2 wheelers has enough stock to assemble a dozen bikes right off the shelves, Fatland is a stickler for one-off fabrication and handmade detailing to really set his bikes apart from the crowd. A skiled bodyman as well as a sheetmetal manipulator, Fatland seldom leaves fenders and tanks in their stock form; most are stretched, widened, molded, or altered in some way before they’re bolted onto a finished motorcycle. A Fatland exhaust system is often constructed to mimic the flex-tube piping on old Harley-Davidson Flatheads of the 1940’s while whitewall tires, Maltese cross mirrors, magneto ignitions with kick-starters, and other style icons that wouldn’t look out of place on movie-biker Erik Von Zipper’s bike are common.

A fan of custom choppers and bobbers from the 1950’s Fatland’s machines are frequently painted with elaborate two-tone scallops or checkered flag motifs like those found on early drag bikes. “Some of the classic stuff just never goes out of style, no matter what everybody else is building at the time. I remember the bikes and cars I saw when I was a boy and I always tend to come back to that ,” he said.